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Retries in Broadcast mode

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I have a question regarding retries. Please forgive me if I display a fundamental misunderstanding
somewhere, I'm new to using the XBee.

I am building a system which works with all Series1 XBees in Broadcast mode, addressing being
taken care of in my application software, and it works OK. However, if I set retry value RR to
1, as expected the RF packet is transmitted 3 times.
My question is: Since there are no Acks transmitted by the receiver in Broadcast mode, how does the
receiver know that these 3 transmissions are repeats of the same message, and not different messages?
For example, if I send "ABC" to the transmitting XBee, it sends the resulting RF packet 3 times, but
I still receive only "ABC", not ABCABCABC". If one of the packets were corrupt, which one would it
take to be correct? I suppose my fundamental question is: Do retries help at all in Broadcast mode?
Thank you,
asked May 21, 2014 in IEEE 802.15.4 by RogerHarrold New to the Community (1 point)

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2 Answers

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Every data packet you send into the radios UART gets assigned a packet identifier. This identifier is used by the radios to determine if the RF packet has been seen before or not.
answered May 21, 2014 by mvut Veteran of the Digi Community (12,657 points)
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Many thanks, that clears it all up for me.
answered May 21, 2014 by RogerHarrold New to the Community (1 point)