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Problem with S1 node XB24-DM VER. 8067

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I have in network two nodes: A transmitter, B receiver.
Node A sends every 1s a message with an acknowledgement
to node B.
After sending about 200 messages node A hangs, stops responding to uart and need to reset it. Node B still works.

When I changed node A to S1 PRO XBP24-DM module VER. 8062 all is ok, it worked all night.

Do you have any ideas what is going on?

asked May 30, 2014 in DigiMesh Proprietary Mesh Networking by zolax New to the Community (2 points)
edited May 30, 2014 by zolax

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2 Answers

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What firmware version were you using before?
answered May 30, 2014 by mvut Veteran of the Digi Community (10,767 points)
XB24-DM VER. 8067
One more thing: when we flashed this S1 with older soft (the same which S1 pro already had - 8062) all is also stable.
What happens when you flash them with the Point to point 802.15.4 code on them? Why are you using Mesh for a point to point connection?  Are you using hardware flow control at all?
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actually we test only two nodes but final project has about 1000-2000 nodes in one network. Yes we have hardware flow control.
answered Jun 2, 2014 by zolax New to the Community (2 points)
Do you see this issue when you use Unicast addressing over the default broadcast?
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