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Serial Data push with Device Cloud, use monitor?

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I need to implement a destkop PC application that communicates with my device connected to an XBee S6B. I need to interchange messages with my device throught the serial data (like in the web example https://xbeewifi.herokuapp.com "Serial Terminal" widget).
I am sending serial data in the forms of Data Streams from my device to Device Cloud, but I don't know the right way to catch this data from the PC through Device Cloud. I don't know if I only have to use "GET /ws/DataPoint/device1/serialdata" or I should use a monitor too when reading serial data in the PC from Device Cloud.
If yes, I don't know how to use it. I can't find the response of this question in the Device Cloud Programming Guide neither in other document
Thank you in advance! :)
asked Jul 29, 2014 in Data Services by Violeta New to the Community (1 point)

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