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SNMP manager sample

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I have a question.

I'm trying to make two devices communicate alert by SNMP protocol.

One such device, which is the SNMP agent on this IP:, and to connect this equipment alert by MIB Browser I can read and write data to it normally.

A second gear is on the same network from the above, the IP equipment he uses DIGI and I would like to read the above equipment infomações alert by SNMP.

My debt and how I can do this. Is there any example to help me?

I use DIGI Connect ME v 7.4
asked Aug 11, 2014 in NET+OS by mpivoto New to the Community (0 points)

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1 Answer

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From within Digi ESP look at the following projects:
SNMP Sample
SNMP V3 Sample
(File->New->NET+OS Sample Project)

Both bring up a CLI that among other things allows you to send out sample traps. You can use that code to see how to use the APIs for sending traps.
answered Aug 18, 2014 by dakotas_dad Veteran of the Digi Community (694 points)