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Is there a way to reset Connect Wi-ME 9210 wireless network settings when current settings are unknown?

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I have a Connect Wi-ME 9210 module that I'm using to connect to a wireless network to transmit weight information from a scale device. The technician testing the module changed the wireless network settings, and now the Wi-ME module fails to establish a connection to the wireless network, and the wireless settings are now unknown.

Is there a way to reset the wireless network settings back to factory default wireless settings? The reset procedure listed in the "Digi Connect Family and ConnectPort TS Family User's Guide" by shorting the /init pin at boot up didn't reset the wireless settings.

I know there is also a serial boot menu available where you can view and modify the wireless settings from, but is this the only way to reset the wireless settings or should the shorted /init pin also work?

asked Sep 16, 2014 in Digi Connect Cellular by RtaTBarth New to the Community (0 points)

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1 Answer

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First I want to ensure anyone ready this answer that the connectwi-me9210 is a wifi enabled module. I say this because the category this question is placed in is Digi COnnect Cellular. The connectwi-me9210 is not cellular.

Now on to the question at hand:

The /init business is for allowing the device to upload a new application image. It is NOT for resetting the NVRAM setting. So that will not really help.

The easy way is to gain access to the serial console. If you can, you should get a question that looks like the following after the current settings are displayed:

Press any key in 5 seconds to change these settings.

YOu'll be asked if you want to modify (M) or accept (A) the settings. Enter "M".

I believe you are asked for a password first. The root password by default is "password". But if your application changed this, you'll need to know it.

After entering the password, you'll be asked if you want to reset to defaults. Enter "y". At that point the dialog should walk you through all settings that are modifiable. When done, these values will be written to NVRAM.

Lets see if this helps. If, for example you do not even know what the root password is, come back and we can explore getting that.

Good luck.
answered Sep 17, 2014 by dakotas_dad Veteran of the Digi Community (694 points)