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How to run the ntpd as a server

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have configured the project to include the ntpd and during system startup I see the console message "Starting ntpd: OK" but when trying to sync from an ntp client I get no response. If I logon to telnet and type "ntpd start" I get a response "ntpd: unknown user _ntp"
I suspect I have to do something to the ntpd.conf file but am struggling to see what.
asked Oct 9, 2014 in Linux by digiDave New to the Community (20 points)

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3 Answers

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do you have file /etc/ntpd.conf ?
To run ntpd you additionally need to:
echo "ntp 123/udp" > /etc/services
mkdir /nowhere
did you try to run ntpd -d?
take a look at this thread and try what is suggested there:

If it doesn't let me know and i will look deeper in to this
answered Oct 10, 2014 by LeonidM Veteran of the Digi Community (3,503 points)
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Hi Leonid,
Tried everything I can think of vis:
added: echo "ntp 123/udp" > /etc/services
added: mkdir /nowhere
still get ntpd: unknown user _ntp in response to either ntpd start or ntpd -d
then added _ntp:x:501:501:ntpd:/nowhere:/noshell
to passwd file, if I cat /etc//group file get _ntp:x:501:
and I now get the following response to ntpd -d:
fatal: bad privsep dir permissions: No such file or directory
dispatch_imsg in main: pipe closed

Am now going to see if I can find the ntp.c source to search for the fatal error
answered Oct 15, 2014 by digiDave New to the Community (20 points)
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Okay, found the following in the ntp.c file:

if(stb.st_uid != 0 || (stb.st_mode & (S_IWGRP|S_IWOTH))
!= 0)
fatal("bad privsep dir permissions")

but I have no idea how to fix this!
answered Oct 15, 2014 by digiDave New to the Community (20 points)