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XB24-ZB unable to connect in X-CTU but terminal program works fine

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I am unable to connect to XB24-ZB (F/W 22A7) modules using X-CTU 6.1.2 Build ID: 20140916-3.
BUT I can connect fine with the modules using a PC terminal program or the old X-CTU program.
The modules have baud rate =19,200

Discover Radio Modules->There is a burst of TX/RX activity but reports "Could not any device in port COM4> Error initializing XBee device parameters > Connection Timeout."

Intermittently, restarting X-CTU, Add Devices and the module appears, some settings read but X-CTU hangs on "Reading radio module settings, Entering command mode"

Add a Radio Module hangs on "Checking if the device is reprogrammable..." and "Action is Required, reset your module" but this has no effect.

Please advise. The modules work in everything except X-CTU 6.1.2
asked Oct 14, 2014 in XCTU by kensid New to the Community (2 points)

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1 Answer

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I rolled back to the old X-CTU ( and comms work fine to configure the modules.

With the new X-CTU (6.1.2) program, I cannot communicate with the xBee modules. This is because they are configured for 19.2K and even though I select that baud rate, comms don't work.

Using old X-CTU, I tried setting the modules' baud rate back to 9,600 and the new x-CTU works.

Lots of hassle and I can see why Zigbee is failing to catch on, after all these years. Overcomplicated and buggy.
answered Oct 15, 2014 by kensid New to the Community (2 points)
"Overcomplicated and buggy." +1. Also rather expensive, and constrained given today's technology.
I had an S3B (PRO HP) that I needed to reset.  The Digi website stated that the programmable devices had a special process required to reset and to contact Tech support but that link leads to the case management site where you have to pay $35 for help.