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configure a TS-M-MEI to work with a multimeter

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I have a port server TS-M-MEI 4 port, and I want to use it to read the feed from a cheap multimeter that spits out it's data in rs232 format.

multimeter is a
TekPower TP4000ZC
the data from the device is as shown in this diagram
data from the multimeter

When I connect the the multimeter to my usb-serial adapter and using the software that came with the multimeter it shows me what the screen says on the multimeter. the multimeter configs are 2400-8-none-1

I have the Port server properly configured using Realport profile and I can connect it to a cisco console device and it works great at the normal 9600 baud for cisco stuff.

the multimeter spits out it's data unreadable it's basically just a burst of data containing what the individual LED's on the screen of the multimeter is showing

End result........I want to put the multimeter in a remote location and be able to monitor the feed
asked Oct 29, 2014 in Realport by czavaskis New to the Community (0 points)

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1 Answer

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If I understand this correctly, when attempting to read the multimeter from the PortServer unit, it is displaying unreadable characters, is this correct?

You might want to confirm the following:

1. The RealPort host has the port configured for 1200 baud 8-none-and 1 (these settings are ignored on the PortServer when used with RealPort).

2. The cable pin-outs are correct. If the multimeter is a DCE device and has a DB9 connector, it may use a straight through cable rather than crossover (used with Cisco):

answered Oct 29, 2014 by userid0 Veteran of the Digi Community (2,158 points)
no. whenI attempt to read the multimeter from the port server using the  realport config profile, with my computer setting the port speed to 2400 I should see unreadable text but I get no output at all.

 cable path is as shown
<multimeter DB-9F---><--DB-9M-straight through cable DB-9M--><db9F-Cable that came in the box with the Digi-RJ45M-><Digi port2>

When I do
<cisco switch console port rj45F><RJ45M standard cisco blue console cable DB-9F><--DB-9M-straight through cable DB-9M--><db9F-Cable that came in the box with the Digi-RJ45M-><Digi port2>
I can successfully access the cisco device on my computers com port
The cable that comes with the product is a crossover cable (null-modem), it seems the Multimeter requires a straight through cable (assuming this is what was used when connecting to your USB convertor).

Straight through cable pin-outs (using standard 8 wire cabling):