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Some MFW Elements are not made.

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OS : ubuntu12.04 32bit
Board : Wi-i.MX53

Digi ESP for Embedded Linux
Version: 2.0 for Digi Embedded Linux
Build id: 20130211 DEL-

I built follows.

However, mfw_aacdecoder, mfw_h264decoder were not made

~ # gst-inspect | grep mfw
isink.imx: mfw_isink: IPU-based video sink
deinterlace.imx: mfw_deinterlacer: audio deinterlacer
audiopeq.imx: mfw_audio_pp: audio post equalizer
v4lsink.imx: mfw_v4lsink: v4l2 video sink
v4lsrc.imx: mfw_v4lsrc: v4l2 based camera src
mfwvpudec.imx: mfw_vpudecoder: VPU-based video decoder
amrdec.imx: mfw_amrdecoder: amr audio decoder
ipucsc.imx: mfw_ipucsc: IPU-based video converter
~ #

This is configure output.
checking for lib_asf_parser_arm9_elinux.3.0.so soname... no
checking for lib_asf_parser_arm11_elinux.3.0.so soname... no
checking for lib_avi_parser_arm9_elinux.3.0.so soname... no
checking for lib_avi_parser_arm11_elinux.3.0.so soname... no
checking for lib_flv_parser_arm9_elinux.3.0.so soname... no
checking for lib_flv_parser_arm11_elinux.3.0.so soname... no
checking for lib_mpg2_parser_arm9_elinux.3.0.so soname... no
checking for lib_mpg2_parser_arm11_elinux.3.0.so soname... no
checking for lib_mp4_parser_arm9_elinux.3.0.so soname... no
checking for lib_mp4_parser_arm11_elinux.3.0.so soname... no
checking for lib_mkv_parser_arm9_elinux.3.0.so soname... no
checking for lib_mkv_parser_arm11_elinux.3.0.so soname... no
checking for lib_ogg_parser_arm9_elinux.3.0.so soname... no
checking for lib_ogg_parser_arm11_elinux.3.0.so soname... no
Configure result:
Enabled features:
plugin: v4lsink
plugin: isink
plugin: ipucsc
library: libipu
Disabled features:
plugin: aac_dec
plugin: aacp_dec
plugin: mp3_dec
plugin: vorbis_dec
plugin: wma10_dec
plugin: ac3_dec
plugin: amr_dec
plugin: mp3_enc
plugin: wma8_enc
plugin: downmix
plugin: h264_dec

Please advise it.
asked Oct 28, 2014 in Linux by chung New to the Community (37 points)

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2 Answers

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Here is what I did once to recompile the gstreamer and plugins on DEL 5.6 – not sure if it will work as is on 5.9, but you can use this as a guideline:

//first had to install this because I was missing some tools:
sudo apt-get install libglib2.0-dev

//copy toolchain to local drive:
cp -a /media/cdrom0/toolchain/del_toolchain/ .
chmod -R +w del_toolchain

//Setup the environment:
export TOOLCHAIN_DIR=/usr/local/DigiEL-5.6/x-tools/arm-cortex_a8-linux-gnueabi/
export PATH=/usr/local/DigiEL-5.6/x-tools/arm-cortex_a8-linux-gnueabi/bin:$PATH

//first build plugin to make sure it builds without patch:
cd del_toolchain/packages/gst-fsl-plugin/
cp /media/cdrom0/toolchain/packages/gst-fsl-plugin-1.9.0.tar.gz .

//then apply patch if needed:

cd target/gst-fsl-plugin-1.9.0/
cp /mnt/hgfs/Linux/DEL5.6/mfw_gst_vpu_encoder.patch .
patch -p0 <mfw_gst_vpu_encoder.patch
cd ..
make install

If you want to rebuild gstreamer
cd del_toolchain/packages/gstreamer/
cp /media/cdrom0/toolchain/packages/gstreamer-0.10.25.tar.bz2 .
make install

Also on DEL 5.9 DVD you can find sources and, more important - Makefile.inc with build options and patches that were used to build this for DEL.
answered Oct 29, 2014 by LeonidM Veteran of the Digi Community (3,622 points)
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I built follows.
However, mfw_aacdecoder, mfw_h264decoder were not made.

I built follows.
mfw_aacdecoder, mfw_h264decoder were made.

Thank you very much for your advice.
answered Nov 6, 2014 by chung New to the Community (37 points)