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email with ssl not working

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I'm trying to send with RCM4000 and smtp_tls.c
The verbose printout is:
# IP addr. Mask Up Lnk Type MTU Flags Peer/router

--- --- ---- ----

0 yes yes eth 1500 *DD
Setting authentication parameters...
Sending mail to another@telia.com via mailout.telia.com
SMTP: Resolving mailout.telia.com
TCP: 337ms since last call to tcp_tick!
SMTP: Opening to 3E14E982:1d1
SMTP: Connected
SMTP: Timed out
Error sending message

Why the long time since last tic?
When connected there must have been some conversation with mailout.telia.com?
There is a pop3 mailin.telia.com for email coming to me. This is not entered anywhere. Not needed to send email ?
asked Jan 8, 2015 in Rabbit Software by Kenneth43 New to the Community (1 point)

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1 Answer

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I would check the return value from smtp_status() to find out why you are getting the "Error sending message" statement.

You were able to connect so I don't think there is anything wrong with the socket at that point.
answered Jan 8, 2015 by trooper2 Veteran of the Digi Community (591 points)
the return value from smtp_status() is -438, that is SMTP_TIME error.
After some changes, allowing uncoded message and nonmatching name in certificate, the return code was -439, SMTP_UNEXPECTED.
After trying with a certificate generated with the utility "certificate.exe", still no success. The end of the Stdio output is:
SMTP: Resolving mailout.telia.com                                               
TCP: 279ms since last call to tcp_tick!                                         
SMTP: Opening to 3E14E982:1d1                                                   
SMTP: Connected                                                                 
TCP: 1061ms since last call to tcp_tick!                                        
SMTP: Read: char(21),char(3)                                         
SMTP: Read:                                                                     
SMTP: Read: char(2),char(2),(                                     
Error sending message, rc=-439

After this I changed the port from 465, given for SSL by Telia to 587, not mentioned by Telia and it w o r k s !