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C89 or C99 compliant compiler

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Hi y'all,

I'm trying to compile my code of the Cloud Connector for Embedded but nothing is working.

In the "Getting Started" document, we ask the user to check the compiler, (if it's C89 or C99 compliant, you can compile your files. But if it's not the case you have to update and review some files : connector_types.h and debug.c).

In my case my compiler is not compatible with C89 and C99, so I have to update my files.

The point that I don't understand is how to change these files and what to put. They ask to modify files but don't tell what to put, I found the documentation not clear and hard to understand.

Thanks for the help.
asked Jan 12, 2015 in Cloud Connector for Embedded by NataliaRobert New to the Community (0 points)
edited Jan 13, 2015 by NataliaRobert

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