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Is there an alternative or third party application for Watchport Manager?

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Hi, I have the watchport temperature and humidity sensor. All i want to do is log the data at 10 minute intervals to a text file. Since the watchport manager isn't supported anymore and I am having trouble is there an alternative out there? Even something as simple as a script would work for me.

Thank you.
asked Feb 9, 2015 in Watchport by bbroge New to the Community (2 points)

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I might first suggest checking out a video that I (actually) put together years ago, about setting up Watchport Manager. That might help you get it working.


If that doesn't help, to answer your question, yes, there's another piece of software called SensorServ that you can try. Just keep in mind, it was never officially released and left in a beta state of development. With that being said, it's as-is without any support, but still may be worth trying, to get more life out of your Watchport USB sensor. Information is below on SensorServ.

I'm afraid I don't remember for sure if SensorServ supports logging though. From reviewing the info below, it looks like it does (CSV - Comma-separated values).


SensorServ was intended to replace Watchport Manager. The main feature of SensorServ is that it runs as a Windows Service, since Watchport Manager does not offer that feature. Unfortunately, there are currently no plans for future development of SensorServ, however that may change in the future.

Installation instructions:

1. Make sure you have the latest Microsoft .NET Framework and Service Pack installed before proceeding.

2. Make sure the Watchport Sensor(s) you plan to use with SensorServ is connected to the PC and installed. Watchport Sensors use the Edgeport driver, which can be downloaded from our support site.

To confirm the sensor is installed, launch the Edgeport Configuration Utility from the start menu, in the Digi USB program group. All Watchport Sensors that are attached and installed should be listed in the white area under the General tab.

3. Create a folder on your hard drive called "sensorserv". i.e. "c:\sensorserv"

4. Download the following file:
[url=ftp://jmcbane_ro:1readonly!@digiftp.digi.com/SensorServ/SensorService_v0.7.0.4.zip]Your text to link here...[/url]

5. Extract the contents into the "c:\sensorserv" folder.

6. If you have our Watchport Manager software installed, be sure to close it and stop it from auto-starting, before proceeding. These two programs cannot be run at the same time.

7. Launch ServiceConfig.exe. It should detect all attached Watchport sensors. Click the blue-colored "Install Service" button at the top-left to install the SensorServ service. You must agree to the EULA in order to install the service.

8. Go through the tabs and configure as needed (see Notes just below for what isn't yet supported), then click the Save and Exit button. Choose Yes to start the service, when prompted.


Configuration instructions and other notes:

A. ServiceConfig.exe should only be used when the SensorServ service is stopped If you need to make configuration changes, be sure to first Stop the service (start, Run, "services.msc" and look for SensorServ). You would then click the Save and Exit button in ServiceConfig.exe and choose Yes to start the service, when prompted.

B. Group Management (the "Manage Groups" tab) is not yet supported and will be in a future release.

C. To send alert e-mails to multiple recipients, use a comma (no space) to separate "to" e-mail addresses.

D. SensorServ supports the following Watchport Sensors: Watchport/D - Distance or Proximity combo sensor, Watchport/H - Humidity & Temperature combo sensor, and Watchport/T - Temperature sensor.

E. The only kinds of alerts that are available are e-mail alerts (compared to Watchport Manager, which offers phone alerts, etc.).

F. Most users will be mainly interested in getting e-mail alerts sent when a temperature threshold has been crossed, i.e. the temperature is too high. In order for this to happen, go to the "Alert Settings" tab in ServiceConfig.exe and CHECK "Out of range" in the "Send Alerts For:" section at the top-right. Of course, the SMTP server information also needs to be filled out.

G. To see the current status of a sensor, go to the "Sensor Discovery" tab of the Configurator program (ServiceConfig.exe), right-click on the sensor, then choose the menu option to show the status. You may need to click the “Show Advanced” button to do this. It's not possible to see the current status of a sensor once the service is running.

H. To see the history, go to the "Service Options" tab of the Configurator program and check “Comma Delimited (.CSV)” in the Output To section. The default "C:\WPS_Output.csv" folder/file name can be changed, if needed.

I. The version above was tested fairly extensively by Digi and customers. Because of that, it's the version we recommend using. However, a newer version was released afterwards, which did not get tested much since the SensorServ beta program was halted around that time. Still, you are welcome to try the newer version by downloading the two files below and then copying and pasting them over the existing two files, overwriting them. Be sure to first stop the SensorServ Service.

[url=ftp://jmcbane_ro:1readonly!@digiftp.digi.com/SensorServ/SensorServ.exe]Your text to link here...[/url]

[url=ftp://jmcbane_ro:1readonly!@digiftp.digi.com/SensorServ/ServiceConfig.exe]Your text to link here...[/url]
answered Feb 10, 2015 by jeremym Veteran of the Digi Community (1,687 points)
selected Feb 10, 2015 by bbroge
Thanks for all of this info. On windows 8 watchport manager consistently seems to lock up after a couple days. I even updated the edgeport drivers to the windows 8 compatible ones without any change. Sensorserv seems pretty good so far. If this continues to work without issue this is the best option for me. Thanks!