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Library file that I created cannot be found.

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Hi guys,
Just updated my Dynamic C from v10.66 to 10.72. I'm trying to compile my existing project from the 10.66 version that I previously do.
This project got a .c source file (test.c) and a couple of .lib file (1.lib, 2.lib). But when I compile using the 10.72 version, it unable to find the 1.lib file. I try to find a place where I can put the path of my .lib file in the option but can't seem to find it. Do you guys have any ideas what's wrong?
asked Mar 4, 2015 in Rabbit Software by maniac84 New to the Community (3 points)
edited Mar 3, 2015 by maniac84

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You will need to add the folder where the lib files to the lib.dir file which resides in the Dynamic C 10.72 installation folder - default C:\DCRABBIT_10.72

answered Mar 4, 2015 by petermcs Veteran of the Digi Community (1,132 points)
selected Mar 4, 2015 by maniac84