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9m2443 error compilng with signalfd.h

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Including the header yield to compiling error

/usr/local/DigiEL-5.7/x-tools/arm-unknown-linux-uclibcgnueabi/arm-unknown-linux-uclibcgnueabi/sysroot/usr/include/sys/signalfd.h:82: error: expected initializer before 'throw'

Is there any way to update uClibC to the latest?

asked Mar 20, 2015 in Linux by marcL New to the Community (2 points)

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1 Answer

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The uclibc library is *not* as other user-space packages you can just cross-compile and push to your rootfs to make it work. It’s the base of the whole toolchain (along with the GCC compiler and binutils packages). This means that the cross-compilation of this library is done as part of the toolchain itself creation, not at a later stage where you use the already generated toolchain to build other packages and libraries.

In case for DEL Digi used *crosstool-ng* project to build the basic toolchain. This project does its magic with GCC+UCLIBC internally to build the toolchain. It’s not an easy process (in fact that’s why the project exists). If you update the uclibc component then all the user-space packages need to be built again.

Not sure which is the overall background of the problem, but if what’s failing is just an specific in-house developed application, the customer may use *crosstool-ng* the generate a toolchain with a newer version of uclibc and then use that toolchain to *statically* build its application. This will allow to run the static app with a DEL rootfs that has an older version of uclibc (the one provided with DEL).
answered Mar 23, 2015 by LeonidM Veteran of the Digi Community (4,445 points)
Creating the toolchain for the 9m2443