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Send data to xbee (SE firmware)

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I have a program (C language) to send and receive a string to the serial port.

I create too a list of commands I have to send and obtain in order to create the network and join a end device to it.
For example, I need to get the SH and SL value of the end device in order to joining to the network, sending a ATcommand to the end device.

struct ATcommand_get_SH{
unsigned char start_delimiter = 0x7E;
unsigned char length = 0x0004;
unsigned char frame_type = 0x08;
unsigned char frame_ID = 0x01;
unsigned char at_command = 0x5348;
unsigned char checksum = 0x5B;

char *ATcommand_get_SH= "7E0004080153485B"

My question is:
The ATcommand I need to send is a string right? which format I have to send it?

Thanks in advance.
asked Apr 20, 2015 in ZigBee Smart Energy Profile 1.1 by hcaldas New to the Community (8 points)

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1 Answer

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It needs Intel Hex so the 0x data.
answered Apr 21, 2015 by mvut Veteran of the Digi Community (14,807 points)
I built this code using a proper functions.
This code works if:
1- I send to the arduino a char *ATcommand_set_ID;
2- Arduino replies what he receives;
3- I receive (on PC) what arduino sends in variavel *ler.

So If I try to send this char *ATcommand_set_ID and he really change the ID, he should return "0x7E00058801494400E9" indicating that everything is ok. The ID do not change because I see on the XCTU software and the variable ler does not return anything useful.

int main()
    int ser;
    int i=0,j=0,len=0;
    int w=0,r=0,c=0,conf=0;
    char *ATcommand_set_ID= "0x7E000608014944223512";
    int length = strlen (ATcommand_set_ID);
    char *ler= calloc(18, sizeof(char));
    const char *serialdevice="/dev/ttyS7"; //COM8
    // Open serial port
    // Config
    // Write
    while (i<3)
        // Read serial_read(ser,ler,length_MAX,timeout);
        len= strlen(ler);
        ler[len]=0; // end string
        if (r>0)
            printf("read: %s | r: %d | len=%d\n",ler,r,len);
            printf("not read\n");
    // close serial port

Are there anything wrong? Or simply I need to send a (int *) instead a string?

You need to issue the WR comamnd or the AC command for the change to take effect.