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Control smartplug by DIA transforms

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I set a DIA transforms, and the channel unit is boolean, expression is c[0] > 25.
I want to realise that control the smart plug depend on the true/false of the expression.
When I run the programme, the value of the channel is changed, but the smartplug not.
Here is the dia.yml:
devices: - name: xbee_device_manager driver: devices.xbee.xbee_device_manager.xbee_device_manager:XBeeDeviceManager - name: edp_upload0 driver: devices.edp_upload:EDPUpload settings: interval: 5 sample_threshold: 20 collection: "collection_name" filename: "file_name" - name: transform0 driver: devices.transforms_device:TransformsDevice settings: - name: "fan_on" unit: "boolean" channels: - "rpm0.temperature" expr: "c[0]>25" - name: rpm0 driver: devices.xbee.xbee_devices.xbee_rpm:XBeeRPM settings: xbee_device_manager: "xbee_device_manager" extended_address: "00:13:a2:00:40:6e:3f:49!" power_on_source: "true" presentations: - name: rci_handler driver: presentations.rci.rci_handler:RCIHandler settings: target_name: "digi_dia" - name: console0 driver: presentations.console.console:Console - name: web0 driver: presentations.web.web:Web settings: page: "idigi_dia.html" tracing: default_level: "debug" default_handlers: - "stderr"

thank you~
asked May 26, 2015 in Python by zhen New to the Community (3 points)

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