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differences use of 64-bit or 16-bit address

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I am new using xbee series 2 and zigbee.

If I use a Transmit Request frame (0x11) I have to specify the 64-bit and the 16-bit address.

If I know the 64-bit address of the destination node, what is the difference between use the correct 16-bit address of the destination node or simply use (0xFFFE)??

Is only a time delay?

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asked Jun 1, 2015 in RF Solutions and XBee by idfuente006 New to the Community (5 points)

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If you know the 16 bit address, the routing of the packet can occur faster. But if you either do not know if or if it is invalid, then a rout discovery is required which adds time.
answered Jun 2, 2015 by mvut Veteran of the Digi Community (15,112 points)
selected Jun 3, 2015 by idfuente006