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15 byte UDP at 20/sec, RCM3200 drops 1/24 on Win 7, 1/5600 on XP

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I have 25 embedded systems which send and receive 20, 15 byte UDP datagrams per second to a PC through a crossover cable (no switch, no router). Inside a costate {}, the udp_sendto function always returns 15, never anything else. On an XP machine (for 8 years), on average, 1 in about 5600 packets get dropped, however, on a Windows 7 machine (now required), on average, 1 in 23 packets get dropped.Wireshark does not see the missed datagram, neither does the PC.
udp_open ( &socket, 6400, -1, 6500, datahandler )
I have tried udp_bypass_arp without success.
DC 9.62 with patches.
Any thoughts on how to get more of the packets in Win 7?
asked Jun 1, 2015 in Rabbit Software by RTPeterson New to the Community (0 points)
recategorized Jun 1, 2015 by LeonidM

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1 Answer

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Have you tried a hub or network tap and a second PC with XP and Wireshark to see if that setup sees more of the packets on the wire than the Win 7 one? This might help to narrow down the issue.

answered Jun 2, 2015 by petermcs Veteran of the Digi Community (1,132 points)