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how i can sorting a name files according a distances in this codes

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i try imagry processing (search indeaxtion) in my Db have obj1__0 obj1__5 files (tjrs multiply by 5 to 355) obj2__0 same tricks ... obj100__355.la foction cellstr fact sorts by the alphabet which gives me obj10__0 .... .i like order it in name of files obj1__0....obj2__0 obj2__5...obj100__355. and when i sort a second vairiable in ascendant distance,the order of name file atlter according a disatnce.function will returns distances :`
function s=Similarity() [newoutputfil]=Legendre('D:\DB\coil-100\obj1__0.png'); X=load(newoutputfil); filePattern = fullfile('D:\Projet\Descriptor\LegendreDescriptor', '*.txt'); dataFiles = dir(filePattern); d=[1,length(dataFiles)]; f={length(dataFiles)}; z=1; s=cell(2,length(dataFiles)); for k = 1:1:length(dataFiles) baseFileName = dataFiles(k).name;%name files fullFileName = fullfile('D:\Projet\Descriptor\LegendreDescriptor', baseFileName); A = load(fullFileName); [m,n]=size(A); for i=1:1:n for j=1:1:m dis=sqrt(sum((X(i,j)-A(i,j))^2));%distance end end d(z)=dis; f(z)={char(baseFileName)};%% s=[{d},{f}];%% z=z+1; di=sort(d,'ascend');%%%% end`
asked Jun 4, 2015 in Other/Legacy by muhned158 New to the Community (0 points)

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