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Control a smartplug depend on the temperature of sensor

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I have a xbee gateway, smart plug and sensor.
How could I control I/O of the smart plug depending on the temperature of the sensor? and I tried to realize by DIA.

Here is the .yml
devices: - name: xbee_device_manager driver: devices.xbee.xbee_device_manager.xbee_device_manager:XBeeDeviceManager - name: edp_upload0 driver: devices.edp_upload:EDPUpload settings: interval: 5 sample_threshold: 20 collection: "collection_name" filename: "file_name" - name: transform0 driver: devices.transforms_device:TransformsDevice settings: - name: "TempF" unit: "F" channels: - "sensor0.temperature" expr: "(9/5)*c[0]+32" - name: "fan_on" unit: "boolean" channels: - "sensor0.temperature" expr: "c[0] > 18" - name: sensor0 driver: devices.xbee.xbee_devices.xbee_sensor:XBeeSensor settings: xbee_device_manager: "xbee_device_manager" extended_address: "00:13:a2:00:40:ae:c2:5f!" sample_rate_ms: 1000 - name: rpm0 driver: devices.xbee.xbee_devices.xbee_rpm:XBeeRPM settings: xbee_device_manager: "xbee_device_manager" extended_address: "00:13:a2:00:40:6e:3f:49!" power_on_source: "transform0.fan_on" presentations: - name: rci driver: presentations.rci.rci_handler:RCIHandler - name: console0 driver: presentations.console.console:Console - name: web0 driver: presentations.web.web:Web settings: page: "dia.html" tracing: default_level: "debug" default_handlers: - "stderr"

I want to realize that when the value of fan_on is True, the smart plug power on. Is it the problem of power_on_source?

asked Jun 5, 2015 in Python by zhen New to the Community (3 points)

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1 Answer

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Does this example help?

It shows how to read Temperature and hot to control switch so all you need to add is the condition.
answered Sep 21, 2015 by LeonidM Veteran of the Digi Community (4,490 points)