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Need help configuring PortServer II access to Linux console on i.MX53

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I am using a PortServer ll (fairly certain "without RealPort")

I am trying to connect to console of i.MX53 board running Ubuntu Linux. I have verified the board powers, runs U-boot then boots Linux. All the console traffic appears via a USB-serial dongle connected to host (OS X).

Yet, I am unable to connect with 'telnet 2001` to the i.MX53 console port.

The cat5 is connected to Port 1 on front of PortServer and to an official Digi TS Console Adapter part # (1P) 63000086-01 B. I also added a male-male gender changer to accommodate the i.MX53.

I performed part one of the diagnostics (described in Testing and Troubleshooting a PortServer guide); and it worked as expected.

I made a loopback connector according to the Digi documentation. I am successfully able to telnet to IP address; then `connect 8` to port 8 which is configured for loopback operation. It works.

Please offer a suggestion for a fix or recommend troubleshooting tasks. That would be super helpful! :)

Here are some general configs and settings for port 1:
#> cpconf term # PortServerII Version 3.1.13 Nov 1 2006 # ROM version 106, Amount of RAM: 4 Megs set tcp realport=771 rto_max=240 sockets=2000 keepalive_idle=02.00.00 set tcp probe_count=10 probe_interval=75 set radius authentication=1645 accounting=1646 #> set ports ra=1 serial# termtype dev sess uid edelay auto bin group dport dest 1 vt100 prn 4 0 1 off off 0 0 #> set line ra=1 serial# baud csize parity stopb break error inpck istrip onlcr otab 1 115200 8 N 1 ignore null off off off off #> set flow ra=1 serial# ixon aixon ixoff ixany itoss altpin rts dtr cts dcd dsr ri 1 on off on off off on on off on off off off #> set config PortServerII Version 3.1.13 Nov 1 2006 Copyright 1990-2001 Digi International. All Rights Reserved. myname : domain : ip : submask : gateway (LAN) : nameserv : boothost : bootfile : 40001260_af.bin ether : 00:40:9d:24:1d:37 icmp redirects : ignore bootpserver : bootpgenericfile : bootp : no tftpboot : no

Many thanks to everyone who took the time to read!

It turns out the port is configured properly. I tried two other embedded Linux boards from different manufacturers (which did not require the gender changer). Those work fine.

I still do not know why the i.MX53 does not operate with this port.

As unlikely as it may be problem; the gender changer is the only other difference in datapath.

Artie :)
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2 Answers

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It appears the port is configured to use both software and hardware flow control. I recommend turning off hardware flow control in the event the cable is not wired for it as this would prevent communication on the port.

set flow cts=off rts=off

If this does not work, please post the pin-outs for your cable.
answered Jun 15, 2015 by userid0 Veteran of the Digi Community (2,158 points)
How does this forum supposed to operate?
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Thank you quite very much for your response.
I hope that I am answering the question correctly.

The pinout diagram for connector 76000697 is:

Are there any actions or tests which may yield additional information?

thank you!
Port TD RD RTS CTS DSR DCD DTR RI OFC IFC 1 off off off off off off off off off off
answered Jul 23, 2015 by aziff New to the Community (1 point)
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