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Xbee Digi DIO adapter sleep mode

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hi.. i'm using Digi Xbee Digital DIO adapter with ConnectPort X4 to monitor door open-close status.. i'm using magnetic switch with external power supply which is connected to Pin 0 adapter..

the adapter is powered up using N-cell battery as it's located in isolated place.. to ensure the adapter last longer, i set my adapter to sleep every minutes to check the status.. the configuration is as below:

IR- 512

i'm using simple Python script to read the Pin 0 status.. but the problem is, most of the time, the ConnectPort doesn't manage to read the adapter (ValueError).. i'm not sure either my code is incorrect or my configuration goes wrong..
my code is as below:

digital_sensor = xbeedin.XBeeDIN(DESTINATION)
digital_sensor.configure(0, xbeedin.Input)
sample = digital_sensor.sample(0)

if sample == 1:
currentstatus = 1
laststatus = 1

if sample == 0:
currentstatus = 0

if currentstatus == 0 and laststatus == 1:
laststatus = 0
print "wachaa"

except ValueError:
sample = "ERR_REPETUER"
print sample

except TypeError:
sample = "ERR_REPETUER"
print sample

asked Jun 23, 2015 in 3rd Party Python and API development in other Languages by shahrule New to the Community (0 points)

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