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Cannot communicate thru XBees, any help please???

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I'm a newbie to XBees modules. I've bought a pair of XBee Pro modules and I cannot make them talk to each other. One is connected to PC and the other one to Arduino.

Xbee connected to PC http://www.smartlogix.com.sg/xbee/Xbee-usb.jpg

Xbee connected to Arduino http://www.smartlogix.com.sg/xbee/Xbee-arduino.jpg

Xbee/Arduino connections, code and behavior upon Send/Receive

Xbee-PC firmware settings http://www.smartlogix.com.sg/xbee/XBee-with-PC.jpg

Xbee-Arduino firmware settings http://www.smartlogix.com.sg/xbee/XBee-with-Arduino.jpg

I think that explains the whole scenario at my end but still it doesn't work for me. Am I still doing anything wrong?
asked May 26, 2010 in IEEE 802.15.4 by kashif New to the Community (1 point)

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2 Answers

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Did you try using the quick start guide using X-CTU to make the two XBees communicate directly with eachother?
answered Jun 12, 2010 by plenderj New to the Community (6 points)
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Hi plenderi,

Thanx for your reply. I got it working lately.
Dun know what was wrong.
I did the wiring again, changed baude rate and set some parameters and everythng started working smoothly.

Thanx anyways though.

answered Jun 12, 2010 by kashif New to the Community (1 point)