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blink led when unlinked

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I am trying to mount a zigbee network. At this moment in the prototype stage i get communication.
But i know that in the real world i will get communication lost caused by:
-Temporary out of range of module - coordinator.
-unexpected coordinator shutdown and powerup. (include channel change)

I need that the end-devices detect when the network is broke and send "atnr0" "atsc" to rejoin. (*1)

i do a function that do the following:
-send ATAI (if atai=00 return)
-wait pooling ATAI up to30 secconds (if atai=00 return)
-ATNR0 and restart pooling cycle.

I was noted 2 things:
1)the link led blink even if the coordinator is powered off.
2)"atAI" answer 00 including if the coordinator is powered off.

Why happens this, and how i can correct this?
Best Regards

(*1)atjv1, atwd1 is previously configured, but 3 minutes of watchdog is so long time and i cant wait 3 minutes.
asked Sep 21, 2015 in ZigBee Smart Energy Profile 1.1 by schlabs New to the Community (4 points)

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3 Answers

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well i add atsm=4 in the end-device and link led start to work as spected.
ATD5=1 Blinking led when link
ATSM=4 (end device)

I still need investigate why atai answer 00 ( linked)
Best Regards
answered Sep 21, 2015 by schlabs New to the Community (4 points)
selected Sep 21, 2015 by schlabs
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Why are you doing all of that. A zigbee end device will poll its parent three times. If it is unable to poll its parent, it will perform a soft rejoin request on its own. If it is then unable to re-join the network after three more time on the re-join, it will go into a Full Join process on its own.
answered Sep 21, 2015 by mvut Veteran of the Digi Community (15,515 points)
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I do the following test: After get a sucessfull link, i Power down coordinator, and restart it performing ATSC to get a new channel.
-In the end device Link led still blinking (why?).
-Watchdog do not rejoin after 1 hour of connection lost
-Data is not received on the coordinator.

As i read in the datasheet the watchdog, need 3 fails ( one per minute). I have a 40kB/s of GPS (accelerometer and etc) of data in a race sport enviroment. As you can imagine 3 minutes is equal to a complete data lost of data.

So i need know when the link becomes down to get a rejoin in a max time of 15-30 secconds.

I also do the test: powerup first the end device, and remain OFF the coordinator. But link led start to blink ....
Thanks you
answered Sep 21, 2015 by schlabs New to the Community (4 points)