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read coordinator

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Here's my setup:
- I have three XBee S1 in Router mode, AT mode, each sensing 3 ADC inputs. MY=FFFF
- 1 coordinator XBee S1 in API mode, hooked up to an Arduino over serial.

On the Arduino I get the three data streams from the routers. Using the MAC address in the message, I know where the message came from. This is all fine.

How could I also read the ADC values from the coordinator XBee? It could even work for me if the coordinator itself also added a record in the output to the Arduino in the same format as the routers.

Is this possible? How would I set this up?

(Hope I did not post this question twice... I could not find my original message)
asked Oct 6, 2015 in IEEE 802.15.4 by PeterT New to the Community (2 points)

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1 Answer

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That requires you to simply issue a local IS command.
answered Oct 6, 2015 by mvut Veteran of the Digi Community (15,515 points)