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smtp mail client and ssl

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I'm using NET+OS2 7.2 and Connect SP. I'm trying to convert the simplest smtp mail client (sends small text message every half hour - that's all) to use a server which only accepts SSL connections. The elements of the app are:
mc_handle = MCCreate( POP3, 0, stru->cHostIp, nport, stru->cHostIp );
MCUserLogin( mc_handle, stru->cUser, stru->cPassword, NAMAILC_WAIT );
MCSetSmtpAuthentication( mc_handle, stru->cUser, stru->cPassword, MC_SMTP_AUTH_ANY );
MCNewMail(mc_handle, &mail_id);
MCAdd_ToAddr( mc_handle, mail_id, addr_table );
MCSendMail( mc_handle, mail_id, stru->cFrom, NULL, stru->cSubject, data, MC_BODYTYPE_OTHER, NAMAILC_WAIT);
MCUserLogout( mc_handle, NAMAILC_WAIT );
MCClose( mc_handle );
This is long-term stable but some servers are withdrawing support for non-SSL connections. So, please, could anyone suggest how to SSL-enable this in the simplest way? I have read the Open SSL stuff that comes with the development system, and stared at the example, but I am lost. (No verification of the server by the client is required, and I am hoping I can get by without any Certificale on the device.) Thanks again.
asked Oct 16, 2015 in NET+OS by denville New to the Community (2 points)

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1 Answer

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unfortunately it is not possible at this time with Netos 7.2 and even with latest Netos 7.5. Digi is planning a release in Q2 of next year that will most likely add this feature.
answered Oct 23, 2015 by LeonidM Veteran of the Digi Community (4,490 points)
smtp email and SSL