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How to execute a python script from digi cloud ?

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I'm a newbie on Digi Cloud: without rebooting mu Connect Port X4, how to execute a python script ?
Best regards.
asked Oct 22, 2015 in Digi Remote Manager by Rolland New to the Community (10 points)

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1 Answer

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It is not possible to execute a Python script from the Device Cloud (you can only configure to execute on startup). However, you can execute it from the command line of the ConnectPort X4 unit itself:

#> python (scriptname).py
answered Oct 22, 2015 by userid0 Veteran of the Digi Community (2,158 points)
Thanks a lot,
and by CLI it's not possible ?
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This is not possible from the Device Cloud > Properties > CLI.  This is only possible from the CLI of the ConnectPort unit itself.