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DEY 1.6.7 - Yocto external linux source

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I want to modify linux source that is unpacked to tmp directory when building yocto and keep it in a separated folder. Next time when I want to build yocto, I need this separated linux source to be builded with it. I followed this guideline and I modified the source meta-digi/meta-digi-arm/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-dey.inc according to the guideline:

SRC_URI := " \
file://defconfig \
INHERIT += "externalsrc"
EXTERNALSRC_pn-myrecipe = "/home/user/Documents/linux-3.14"

However, when I rebuild yocto, I get this this error:
ERROR: Task 71 (/home/user/Documents/dey-1.6/sources/meta-digi/meta-digi-arm/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-dey_3.10.bb, do_configure) failed with exit code '1'

How can I resolve this problem?
asked Oct 26, 2015 in Linux by haitaka New to the Community (0 points)

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1 Answer

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Obviously Digi Embedded Yocto DEY-1.6.7 was done to support kernel 3.10 only.

You are using a recipe for kernel 3.10 which does not work with kernel 3.14.

Either you wait for Digi to release DEY-1.7/DEY-1.8 with a newer kernel or you have to change meta-digi-arm yourself to make the kernel 3.14 configure/compile in this environment
answered Oct 26, 2015 by User143 Community Contributor (132 points)