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I can't Save settings to nvram of OP7200, please help me.

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asked Dec 8, 2015 in Rabbit Software by lappo New to the Community (2 points)

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2 Answers

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Can you be more specific on what you are trying to do? Are you talking about programming your unit and operating in Standalone mode?
answered Jan 13, 2016 by Campbell Veteran of the Digi Community (984 points)
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My problem was<when I turn off the OP7200 the last compiled program in memory flash disappears>but now i solved with the help of Mr. cpigilam.
My question now is"what can i do for storing two programs at the same time in the memory of OP7200 ? "
answered Jan 14, 2016 by lappo New to the Community (2 points)
A Flash Memory Bank Select jumper configuration option based on 0 W surface-mounted resistors exists at header JP2 on the RabbitCore module. This option, used in conjunction with some configuration macros, allows Dynamic C to compile two different co-resident programs for the upper and lower halves of the 256K flash in such a way that both programs start at logical address 0000. This is useful for applications that require a resident download manager and a separate downloaded program. See "Technical Note 218", "Implementing a Serial Download Manager for a 256K Flash", for details.