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Is there a 64 bit version of AwUSBApi.dll?

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I just installed the 64-bit drivers for the Anywhere USB-2. I was looking in the Advanced folder where all of the api dlls and documentation are. However, the API DLL included with the 64-bit driver appears to be only 32-bit.

Is the 64-bit version of AwUSBApi.dll available?
asked Dec 17, 2015 in USB by aneves New to the Community (1 point)

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At this time, only a 32-bit version is available. It should work with 64-bit OS's.
answered Dec 17, 2015 by jeremym Veteran of the Digi Community (1,673 points)
selected Dec 18, 2015 by aneves
The issue is that my project which would call this dll is 64 bit so it would require a 64 bit dll. Can you provide a 64 bit version of this dll?

I got a 64-bit version for you.  Please confirm you can download it here:

I just downloaded it. I'll let you know how it works. Thank you!!!
It worked, the only caveat is that this dll was not statically linked to the VS 2013 CRT. But that's OK, I was able to install the redistributable and got it working.

Thanks again!

I would like to get the 64-bit version as well, but the link expired. Could you send me another link?

Thanks in advance!
Please try the link again, Maria_M.
Thanks, it worked!