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how to data transmissions from coordinator to end device through router?these are connected in the same network.

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i have one(coordinator,router,end device)these are connected in same network.then how to send api packets from coordinator to end device through router? router any commands recieved from coordinator?
asked Dec 30, 2015 in ZigBee PRO Featureset (and legacy ZNet 2.5) by amar pulli New to the Community (0 points)
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Just configure all 3 of them in same network using common ID and SC parameter. Then set End Device's address in destination address field of Coordinator and start transmitting without worrying about router.

If Coordinator is not able to reach End Device directly then it will automatically perform a route discovery and eventually will make successful transmission via Router.
answered Dec 30, 2015 by asgm Veteran of the Digi Community (1,499 points)
I am Follow the as for your giving suggestions.I connected coordinator and router and end device in same network by using same PAN Id and SC parameter.It will not work as your giving solution.In my mesh network having coordinator connected to router but router cannot connected to end device.We will give the one screen shot link:http://s29.postimg.org/5h9dvtvlj/2016_01_01_17_16_59.jpg


End device:

Any changes required in configuration setting all of 3 them.
data transmission coordinator to router bi-directional.router to end device only single directional.we will send the data from coordinator to end device with router or without router i didn't getting.then how to see data transmissions.In mesh networking router have received any commands from coordinator?
What I can see from provided screenshot, you have connected ED successfully. If your not able to setup communication between then it might be because of some other reason like incorrect addressing.
I am using xctu application.How to set up bi-directional communication from router to end device.I am  not able provide any address in (coordinator,router,end device).I only set the PAN Id and SC parameters.These devices are connected to only single PC.Any thing problem in that.I try to set the end device in SP settings no sleep mode (is it sleepmode or non sleepmode), but it will show  the invalid commands.Please give the configuration settings for send data from coordinator to end device through router.How to set the address in all of them.I want send data from end device to coordinator through router.then how to set up configuration.