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current consumption problem to go to sleep mode with Xbee S2

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I have a system quite simple with one coordinator AT and one End device AT. I'm looking for low consumption.
I have also one sensor and one microcontroller.

I want to control the sleep mode of the Xbee with the microcontroller. I use so the Pin hibernate mode (SM =1)

The cycle is : Each two minutes, the microcontroller wakes up, reads a data from the sensor, wakes The Xbee up, send the data, put the Xbee in sleep mode and then goes back to sleep and so on.

The system works perfectly, but i have a problem of consumption:

I use a DC Power Analyzer to check the itand it shows that the Xbee takes around 30 secondes to go to sleep (after the sendig) and consumes an average of around 8 mA during that time.

During these 30 sec, I can determine that the device polls 6 times the coordinator and do nothing more.

Excepts the networking and adressing settings, the config for the end device is:
SM = 1
PO = 3E8
The rest is default.

For the coordinator:
SP = AF0
SN = 4
The rest is default.

Do you have any tips? Did you have the same problem before? Why does it take so much time to go to sleep?

asked Mar 1, 2016 in Digi Connect Cellular by Dylan New to the Community (0 points)

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