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Bridging 3 XBee-PRO 868 devices to extend range?

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I have 3 XBee-PRO 868 devices.
I want to set up a configuration like this:

A -> B -> C

Where B will act as a repeater. I know that this product doesn't support mesh but does this scenario count as mesh?
Is this possible? If so, how?
asked Apr 9, 2016 in RF Solutions and XBee by xmfcx New to the Community (5 points)

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My whole solution:

Main catch was to use https://github.com/andrewrapp/xbee-arduino Library and use XBees on API mode.

XBee Configurations:
Use XCTU to configure XBees. I had 4 Xbee Pro 868 devices.

Factory reset all.
ID = some number you like. Must be same on all.
NO = 2.
AP = 2.
AO = 1.
NI = Name you like, I named them like ROUTER3, ROUTER2.
Note somewhere the SH and SL numbers, they are necessary to decide where you are sending stuff.
BD = 115200.

This proved that XBee Pro 868 can be used for any sort of mesh you can imagine. But via api mode.
answered Apr 14, 2016 by xmfcx New to the Community (5 points)
selected Apr 14, 2016 by xmfcx
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Yes that would count as a Mesh or Repeater.

If your application can handle receiving what it has sent, you can do this by setting the B node in Broadcast mode and then connecting a Loop back adapter on the UART or simply shorting DI to DO.
answered Apr 11, 2016 by mvut Veteran of the Digi Community (15,413 points)
Thanks but I solved it without needing any other adapters.