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Digimesh buffering

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I'd like some help here

Let's say we have a network consisted if 3 node, A, B and C. It is a synchronous sleeping network, which means that all nodes wake up and sleep at the same time. Node A doesn't connect to C directly, but only through B. If A broadcasts a message, and B receives but before he relays it to C he sleeps. Is he going to relay this message on his next wake cycle or is he going to discard it
asked May 2, 2016 in DigiMesh Proprietary Mesh Networking by galazari New to the Community (1 point)

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1 Answer

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B should hold the message and re-transmit it on the next wake cycle.
answered May 2, 2016 by mvut Veteran of the Digi Community (12,544 points)