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MC9S08QE32 stop mpdes

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Hello, I'm using xbee-lp programmable module which has MC9S08QE32 MCU. In the user manual there are some extra modes of operation(LPRUN , LPWAIT), but in the header files of the MCU in codewarrior, it says that these modes are not supported. Why? Is there any way to create them by modifying the system files?
asked Jun 9, 2016 in XBee Programmable Development by galazari New to the Community (1 point)

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I am not sure where you are finding these commands. I can't find them in the MCU's reference manual nor in the ESP. Doing a Google search shows these as being either Python or Linux commands. The HS08 processor requires C.
answered Jun 17, 2016 by mvut Veteran of the Digi Community (15,413 points)