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Any RCM 2260 Field Flash UDP RAM Loader Update for DC 9.62?

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We are using the UDP Download Manager (DLM) from SHDesigns for our flash updates in the field (RCM2200 ID 0x900 and RCM2260 0x901). We have a RAM loader that was obtained from Z-World in ~2006 of which we only have a binary image (no source code). The RAM loader is uploaded to the target to handle the a subsequent upload of the application image and program the flash. Once we built our application code with DC 9.62 (was 9.25) the RAM loader does not respond to QUERY commands once control is passed to it (the application handles the UDP upload of the RAM loader and passes control to it via a client PC application command). It has been suggested that an update of the RAM loader may be available but I see no reference on the DIGI website. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks.
asked Jul 11, 2016 in Other/Legacy by Freebooter New to the Community (0 points)

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