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XBee S2 going on bursts in simplest setup (video included)

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You can see in the video the issue:


In a very simple setup I have XBee S2 XB24-Z7WIT communicating with bursts between one another... I can share the config if needed, but it is mostly the default config but putting them both in the same PANID...

Any idea? any more information I can provide?
asked Jul 19, 2016 in XCTU by raullapeira New to the Community (1 point)

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1 Answer

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can you please enable CTS and RTS flow control pin?
if your not enable that pin please enable and check it once?
answered Jul 20, 2016 by csreddy Seasoned Professional (195 points)
Tbh it worked the next day without any changes... no idea on my side so I accepted your answer as it was the only one (CTS and RTS was enabled from the beginning)