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Simple setup with 2 xbee problem (push button and LED )

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Hi ,

I have an electronic project which need 2 modules to communicate together , so I brought 2 Xbee PRO S2B (with 2 Xbee usb explorer) . I'm a beginer with Xbees .

I'm using the latest version of XCTU (v 6.3.1), and started to first try a simple setup , a push button on Xbee B pin D0 (Flashed as Router API) and a LED on Xbee A pin D0 (Flashed as an Coordinator API) .

I've setup on both Xbees the same PAN ID , I've set Xbee A pin D0 as "Digital Output , high/low" (tested both high or low),

I've set Xbee B pin D0 as "Digital input" and set IC Digital IO change detection on FFFF .

In terminal mode, when I push the button wired to Xbee B, Xbee A receive 2 frames "IO Data sample Rx Indicator" 1 one I press the button (high) and one when I release it (low).

The problem is Xbee A LED doesn't light (when D0 on Xbee A is set up with Digital out High , LED is always on and doesn't turn off when I press the button) .

What parameter I'm missing for my Xbee A to make him switch on the LED ?

Thanks to anyone that can help me !
asked Jul 20, 2016 in RF Solutions and XBee by pezed New to the Community (0 points)
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1 Answer

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This feature is called "Line Passing". Unfortunately, XBee S2B module do not support it.

You need to acquire 802.15.4 modules (S1 or S2C) for this.

I guess, you are talking about this project:
answered Jul 28, 2016 by asgm Veteran of the Digi Community (1,499 points)
Can I use XBee S2C running on the ZigBee TH firware for the same application?
model I have is S2CTH
No, Zigbee modules don't support Line Passing feature.
Could you let me a way in which I could do the same project with the ones I have? please