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xbee series 2 (s2) toggling by switch

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how to do toggling or digital output by xbee zb(series s2).

pls tell me in detail if possible.

what i know written here:
one as cordinator at
second one is router at

connect switch with cordinator at digital input

router connect relay or led

but how to this and brief discription.
asked Sep 15, 2016 in ZigBee PRO Featureset (and legacy ZNet 2.5) by baraiyanirav2225 New to the Community (4 points)

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1 Answer

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That product does not support that function. You need to use the XBee 802.15.4 product for that function.
answered Sep 16, 2016 by mvut Veteran of the Digi Community (15,410 points)