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I want to know why end devices leave the network in xbee s2c.

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I want to know why end devices (pin sleep) leave the network in xbee s2c.
My network topology is as like. C-R- 4 End deviecs(pin sleep, 10 sec sleep).
The RSSI between the R and E is about -75~-85 dbm.
Sometimes the end devices left the network and rejoined it.
Maybe it is normal....Engineer should make it not happen.
For some case, it rejoined after a long time (90, 300, 30000 sec in 10 sec sleep case). It is a crisis for me.

I think there are many reasons the end device leave the network.
It leaves the network by itself. Or router removes it the child table and makes it to leave the network.
But I can't know why end device leave the network from API frame information.
Modem status shows Disassociated Joined the network.
Node Identifier shows rejoin or power cycle event in the source event.
Transmit Status shows Not joined.
I don't know whether the router removed one end device from its child table or end device leaves the network. And even if I know that, I don't know why it is removed from router's child table or leaves the network?
Yes, it is a debug issue.
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This occurs simply because you have not set your SP time on your parent Router and Coordinator long enough to account for the long sleep time.

Per the IEEE standard, the parent will only keep the sleeping end device child in its child table for up to 3 times the sleep period.
answered Oct 10, 2016 by mvut Veteran of the Digi Community (15,156 points)
Thank you for your quick reply.

For my test, I set the pin sleep 10 sec for much test.
These are my settings.
Please check my settings for 10 sec pin sleep profile
I need 2 mins pin sleep profile, also.
Please send me 10 secs profile and 2 mins pin sleep profile for coordinator, router, end device respectively.
Coordinator's profile
xb24-s2c-th_4059.xml  ID=B  SC=4000  SD=3  ZS=0  NJ=FF  NW=0  JV=1  JN=1  CE=1  DO=0  DC=0  DH=0  DL=0  NI=C1  NH=1E  BH=0  AR=FF  DD=A0000  NT=3C  NO=0  CR=3  SE=E8  DE=E8  CI=11  TO=0  PL=4  PM=1  EE=0  EO=0  KY=  NK=  BD=3  NB=0  SB=0  RO=3  D7=1  D6=0  AP=2  AO=0  CT=64  GT=3E8  CC=2B  SP=AF0  SN=FFFF  SM=0  ST=1388  SO=0  WH=0  PO=0  D0=1  D1=0  D2=0  D3=0  D4=0  D5=1  D8=1  D9=1  P0=1  P1=0  P2=0  P3=1  P4=1  PR=1FBF  PD=1FFF  LT=0  RP=28  IR=0  IC=0  V+=0     

Router's profile
xb24-s2c-th_4059.xml  ID=B  SC=7FFF  SD=3  ZS=0  NJ=FF  NW=1  JV=0  JN=1  CE=0  DO=0  DC=0  DH=0  DL=0  NI=R62  NH=1E  BH=0  AR=FF  DD=A0000  NT=3C  NO=0  CR=3  SE=E8  DE=E8  CI=11  TO=0  PL=4  PM=1  EE=0  EO=0  KY=  NK=  BD=5  NB=0  SB=0  RO=3  D7=0  D6=0  AP=2  AO=0  CT=64  GT=3E8  CC=2B  SP=AF0  SN=FFFF  SM=0  ST=1388  SO=0  WH=0  PO=0  D0=0  D1=0  D2=0  D3=0  D4=0  D5=1  D8=1  D9=1  P0=0  P1=0  P2=0  P3=1  P4=1  PR=1FBF  PD=1FFF  LT=0  RP=28  IR=0  IC=0  V+=0

End's profile
xb24-s2c-th_4059.xmlID=B  SC=7FFF  SD=3  ZS=0  NJ=FF  NW=0  JV=0  JN=1  CE=0  DO=0  DC=0  DH=0  DL=0  NI=E21  NH=1E  BH=0  AR=FF  DD=A0000  NT=3C  NO=0  CR=3  SE=E8  DE=E8  CI=11  TO=0  PL=4  PM=1  EE=0  EO=0  KY=  NK=  BD=6  NB=0  SB=0  RO=3  D7=0  D6=0  AP=2  AO=0  CT=64  GT=3E8  CC=2B  SP=AF0  SN=1  SM=1  ST=1388  SO=0  WH=0  PO=0  D0=0  D1=0  D2=0  D3=0  D4=0  D5=1  D8=1  D9=0  P0=0  P1=0  P2=0  P3=1  P4=1  PR=1FBF  PD=1FFF  LT=0  RP=28  IR=0  IC=0  V+=0
You need to adjust the SP time on your parent Routers and Coordinator to accommodate the longest sleep time you will have your Pin sleeping end device sleep for. You have not done that.
In my profile, you can see that all nodes(C, R, E)'s AP is the same (0xAF0).
So I think it accommodate the longest sleep time I have my Pin sleeping end device sleep for. Is it wrong?
0xAF0 is 28 seconds which is well within the 10 second time frame.  You might want to try updating the firmware on all of these to 405E as there have been numerous changes to the code that could be affecting you.