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Sleep Xbee, wake up and send data

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Hi all,
i have created a simple network with 2 xbee and 2 arduino.
My configuration is:
1 Arduino Uno + XBee series 2 + XbeeShield, Coordinator
1 Arduino Uno + XBee series 2 + XbeeShield, End-device

Now i want that my end device go to sleep and every 10 minutes, wake up, send data and return to sleep.

I have read all the documentation for setting the end device in sleep mode, but i can't do this.

Can someone help me and give me value to set for do this? thanks all
asked Nov 29, 2016 in XBee Programmable Development by Auron691 New to the Community (0 points)

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1 Answer

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You will need an external microcontroller to tell the XBee to sleep for that period of time using the SM = 1 (Pin Hibernate) setting.

answered Nov 30, 2016 by DystopianFerret Veteran of the Digi Community (368 points)