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Why i not getting the data from COM1?

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DS-708-We have this device connected to the POS machine.it is connected to COM 1 port (active port,checked through device manager). We are not getting the data. Any recommendation on this.
asked Jan 17, 2017 in ConnectPort Display by rajagopalpr New to the Community (3 points)

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3 Answers

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We are getting data from Com 1 port. We have replaced with New cable.Many thanks for support.
answered Jan 30, 2017 by rajagopalpr New to the Community (3 points)
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your using desktop or laptop for your testing. for desktop com 1 default and it always active. check with another pc once.
answered Jan 23, 2017 by csreddy Seasoned Professional (195 points)
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Exactly what Digi device(s) do you have, that you're having trouble with in this application? Preferably, please provide the serial number, otherwise the Digi part number.
answered Jan 27, 2017 by jeremym Veteran of the Digi Community (1,687 points)