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fat_UnmountDevice() causing Run Time Error?

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I'm currently running a RCM6750 board which contains on-board SFLASH, as well as an SD Card reader.

My device/driver defines are as follows:

#define _DRIVER_0_INIT { "SF", sf_InitDriver, _DRIVER_CALLBACK, },

#define _DRIVER_1 "SD_FAT.LIB"
#define _DRIVER_1_INIT { "SD", sd_InitDriver, _DRIVER_CALLBACK, },

I have also declared #define FAT_MAX_PARTITIONS 1 to configure only one partition per device

With that being said, I have no issues mounting both Devices 0 and 1, with their respective partitions being fat_part_mounted[0] and fat_part_mounted[1].

Additionally, I have no issues unmounting Device 0 (the on-board SFLASH).

My problem occurs, however, when attempting to unmount Device 1 (the SD Card)..
When executing the following code:

rc = fat_UnmountDevice(fat_part_mounted[1]->dev);

I receive the following error:

Run Time Error: A system mode violation interrupt occurred, but the system
mode violation vector is uninitialized.

Address: 07:2f5b

I have received these run time errors with various debugging flags enabled, but I have double checked to ensure I do not have any debugging definitions in my code.

Any idea on what might be going on here?

asked Jan 30, 2017 in Rabbit Software by dilbertgod New to the Community (18 points)

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