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Reading Received Frames of Type 0x92 with XBee Java Library

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I have an XBee ZigBee S2C module and an Xbee ZigBee L/T/H Sensor. The sensor is configured to automatically send API frames containing IO samples to the S2C module periodically. The frames are of type 0x92 and I can see them being received by the S2C module in the XCTU Frames Log.

I wish to parse the frames using the XBee Java library. I tried calling the readData method, but it doesn't support 0x92 frame type. I also tried calling getIOSample, but it returns the following exception: "com.digi.xbee.api.exceptions.ATCommandException: There was a problem sending the AT command packet. > Status Error"

I simply wish to read the received data frames of type 0x92 on the local S2C module without transmitting AT commands to the end device. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance
asked Feb 2, 2017 in IEEE 802.15.4 by ke_richa New to the Community (0 points)

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