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Xbee sensor parameter reading

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I trying to use Xbee sensor to transmit the temp reading from my lab to next room. I am getting some string data on console. But unable to confirm from NI string- the actual data of temp.
NI strings is as -
58 62 65 65 20 4C 54 20 73 65 6E 73 6F 72
Pl. confirm how to read NI string for Temp , humidity etc,
asked Feb 2, 2017 in XBee Programmable Development by dmotaghare New to the Community (0 points)
edited Feb 1, 2017 by dmotaghare

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1 Answer

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All data from a XBee Sensor (ADC) uses Intel Hex charters. It does not provide an NI value.
answered Feb 2, 2017 by mvut Veteran of the Digi Community (15,225 points)