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What is the configuration for a zebra printer?

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We are using TS8 portserver and a zebra printer LP2844

So we've set the server over TCP Socket.
We can print configuration label from zebra setup utility but, when we send ZPL command, nothing append.

So if someone would have some knowledge about how to configure TS8 and zebra printers. Should be great
asked Feb 23, 2017 in Portserver TS by manuscle New to the Community (0 points)

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1 Answer

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The Zebra LP2844 does not support ZPL. When you output the wrong format, nothing happens.

Here are the 3 models you might have:

LP2844 - Eltron EPL only
LP2844-Z - Zebra ZPL only
LP2844 Plus - EPL or ZPL
(edit: The LP2824 has a Plus model, the LP2844 does not)

Later models have [EPL] or [ZPL] printed on the bottom.

Since you are using the serial port you can connect to the port directly with a Telnet emulator and send some diagnostics commands.

Here's the result from one of my LP2844 Plus. It's outfitted with a network port so I can telnet directly to the JetDirect port without a serial device server.
(edit: This is the output from a LP2824 Plus)

% telnet 9100
answered Feb 27, 2017 by severach New to the Community (13 points)
edited Feb 28, 2017 by severach
That's really strange because i'm using ZSDK API,
so when i ask for language printer, the api answer ZPL supported!
I confirm my printer is LP2844 (not Z, not plus)
I'll look for how to print in EPL
The API is unlikely to pull the info directly from the printer. Some printer connections are output only.

The API is likely to be pulling the info from the Windows print driver. If you set it up as a ZPL printer then the API will report it as ZPL compatible.

You can check for EPL compatibility by sending an EPL status command. Typing the wrong stuff can jam up the printer requiring a reset to restore operation.

ZTC LP 2824 Plus V61.17.17Z