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[868LP] Correct way to configure serial and API2 mode?

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Hi to all, I'm trying to configure Xbee module.
On datasheet it's reported XB868LP default parameters are:
- 9600 8N1 (serial)
- transparent AT (mode)

I want to set it to API2 mode, 115200 8N1.

1) I send "+++" sequence to enter in command mode (XBEE answer is 0x4F 0x4B 0x0D)
2) I try to switch to API2 mode sending "ATAP2+0x0D" (answer 0x4F 0x4B 0x0D)
3) Apply changes through command "ATAC+0x0D" (no answer)
4) Using discovery radio module I correctly see 9600-8N1, API2 mode
5) I try to read SH value using frame generator (API2 mode) and I correctly get SH values from module
6) switch-off, then switch-on power, I try to discover and I get again 9600-8N1, AT mode.

Why AT mode instead API2?

Then I try to switch to 115200 using AT command BD06 in API2 (using frame generator)
In this case, if I try to discover module, I don't find module, I need to unplug-plug power supply then I find again 9600 in AT mode.....
asked Mar 13, 2017 in Multipoint Proprietary by El Berto New to the Community (8 points)
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1 Answer

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Are you saving your changes?
answered Mar 13, 2017 by NicholasWilson Veteran of the Digi Community (1,003 points)
Mmh, ok, thanks for advice...
Taking a look to library I've seen AT+WR was disabled (it was reported AT+WR is automatically sent).
I used a serial port sniffer, so I've seen XCTU uses a different way to program module (I'll use that), it wasn't so clear reading user's guide....