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Routing table

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I want to know the exact route information of a router module right now...

I think that I can draw the network path if I use ZDO command "Management LQI (Neighbor Table) Request" and
"Management Rtg (Routing Table) Request".
I think the "Management LQI (Neighbor Table) Response" is proper.
But "Management Rtg (Routing Table) Response" is not proper.
It doesn't show all route information of the router module.
I set AO = 1 in the AT command.

There are one Coordinator(C) and two routers(R1, R2).
And they are within the proper RSSI(-75 dbm).

I think that they are connected with Mesh network.
So, I think that R1's route table shows R1-C, R1-R2-C(hopping)....

But sometimes R1's route table is nothing.......
Sometimes R1's route table shows partial information (R1-R2-C or R1-C)...

I tried many times...
But It didn't update the route table.

2) I referred to X-CTU's network working mode....
When I selected the "Scan" button, the Consoles working modes shows the ZDO messages.
Generally, I think that it shows X-CTU's route table well.
But sometimes it shows the same situation.....
It shows strange network address information in the route table entry....

But the Network working mode shows the network graph well............
How did you draw it?
I'm not sure your policy or scenario...
asked Mar 24, 2017 in RF Solutions and XBee by hwjang11 (-1 points)
edited Mar 23, 2017 by hwjang11

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1 Answer

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You can try off of the neighbor table but that is not going to tell you what the path a packet is going to take unless there are no other nodes within range. That is they are all in a straight line or something with only two nodes with in range. Your only other option is to use source routing with the AR command and API mode. Then send data in from that remote node or query a setting from it. Then you can see the path a packet takes.
answered Mar 30, 2017 by mvut Veteran of the Digi Community (15,515 points)
For question 2, it just displays the data as it is received.