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How can X-CTU draw network graph?

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X-CTU's network working mode shows network graph by pressing "scan"button.
Then I can see ZDO command/response in the X-CTU's Consoles working mode.

So, I want to draw network graph by ZDO command....
In my experience....One router/coordinator's ZDO neighbor table response is correct...
But its zdo route table response is not good..

1) I want to know that one router's ZDO route table response doesn't show the route information to a coordinator....

2) In spite of it, how can X-CTU draw network graph well?
How does X-CTU draw network topology?
asked Mar 24, 2017 in RF Solutions and XBee by hwjang11 (-1 points)

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1 Answer

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The network graph does not use the routing table, it uses the neighbor tables.

In order to see routing information, you will want to use the AR parameter on the coordinator.
answered Mar 24, 2017 by DystopianFerret Veteran of the Digi Community (368 points)
Xbee manual shows that AR (Aggregate Routing Notification)
This command applies to the XBee/XBee-PRO ZigBee RF Module.
Set or read the periodic time for broadcasting aggregate route messages. If used, these messages enable many-to-one routing to the broadcasting device. Set AR to 0x00 to send only one broadcast, to 0xFF to disable broadcasts, or to other values for periodic broadcasts in 10 second units.

I set AR 0 (once) .
I feel that it makes the route table update quickly..
Then my coordinator got a lot of route record indicator (0xA1) messages continuously.
They were more than my sensor's report messages..
It didn't stop.
It was not that I expected...
So I set AR FF to disable AR command...But it didn't disable broadcast...
My coordinator still got a lot of route record indicator (0xA1) messages continuously.
It was not that I expected, too.

So I set NR 1 , then it stopped....
But then the route table is erased.....
It isn't that I expected.

How can I use AR command?
Enabling AR creates route record indicators after every transmission, so if you're transmitting data often, then you will keep getting them.

NR 1 resets the network, so it will erase the routing table and un-enable AR.

If the route record indicators are not giving you the information that you want, then you will need to find a different solution.
If I use ATNR command, the route information of the router is cleared....It's the start state again....