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XCTU error: Could not initialize device

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I'm getting the following error in XCTU: Could not initialize device. (Device is not initialized. This may occur if device was sleeping while it was discovered. Either device is sleeping or it is no longer in the network).

Devices used:
1) XBEES2, set up as Zigbee Coordinator API.
2) several different Zigbee Pro end devices smoke/motion/contact switch sensors

While I scan network with XCTU- I see all the end devices on the map by MAC address. But I'm unable to continue configuration because of the mentioned error.

I'm new to Zigbee/XBee and AT commands. I have read manuals and looked dozens of youtube videos but can't put my finger on where I make the mistake.

Any ideas area highly appreciated.

<setting command="ID">0</setting>
<setting command="SC">FFFF</setting>
<setting command="SD">3</setting>
<setting command="ZS">2</setting>
<setting command="NJ">FF</setting>
<setting command="DH">0</setting>
<setting command="DL">FFFF</setting>
<setting command="NI">0x20</setting>
<setting command="NH">1E</setting>
<setting command="BH">0</setting>
<setting command="AR">FF</setting>
<setting command="DD">30000</setting>
<setting command="NT">3C</setting>
<setting command="NO">0</setting>
<setting command="CR">3</setting>
<setting command="PL">4</setting>
<setting command="PM">1</setting>
<setting command="EE">0</setting>
<setting command="EO">0</setting>
<setting command="KY"></setting>
<setting command="NK"></setting>
<setting command="BD">3</setting>
<setting command="NB">0</setting>
<setting command="SB">0</setting>
<setting command="D7">1</setting>
<setting command="D6">0</setting>
<setting command="AP">1</setting>
<setting command="AO">0</setting>
<setting command="SP">20</setting>
<setting command="SN">1</setting>
<setting command="D0">1</setting>
<setting command="D1">5</setting>
<setting command="D2">0</setting>
<setting command="D3">0</setting>
<setting command="D4">0</setting>
<setting command="D5">1</setting>
<setting command="P0">1</setting>
<setting command="P1">0</setting>
<setting command="P2">0</setting>
<setting command="PR">1FFF</setting>
<setting command="LT">0</setting>
<setting command="RP">28</setting>
<setting command="DO">1</setting>
<setting command="IR">0</setting>
<setting command="IC">0</setting>
<setting command="V+">0</setting>
asked Apr 24, 2017 in ZigBee PRO Featureset (and legacy ZNet 2.5) by pedro New to the Community (0 points)
recategorized Apr 24, 2017 by mvut

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1 Answer

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When a device is configured as an End device, it is powered off most of the time. XCTU can only Read or write settings to the module while it is awake/powered on.
answered Apr 24, 2017 by mvut Veteran of the Digi Community (15,108 points)